The Evicii Story

The Evicii Athletica meaning of evolve, conquer, inspire was born from the creative desire to bring something new to the world of health and fitness. Being able to step forward each day with confidence can be aided by the perfect outfit. Even if at the end of the day you decide to walk another direction, moving with a purpose makes each day successful.


Learning what we can from each experience makes us unique and individual. Our paths are not linear. They are twisted and sometimes terrifying but those challenges are what makes for interesting conversation and depth of character.  Evicii Athletica seeks to create apparel that complements your journey in fitness and life.


“Live authentically. Inspire change. Always create with a sense of quality and integrity, unique products produced ethically to embolden confidence in walking our own path.”
– Jamie Lawrence
Founder, Evicii Athletica and Fit Stitch Apparel

About the Collection

The premier collection for Evicii Athletica represents a twist on the gym classics, choosing to use texture to set us apart rather than bold prints. We hate to use the word “athleisure” instead, opting for contemporary performance as we feel that this better represents our brand.


These pieces are created to be truly versatile in use, edgy enough to wear out but functional enough to get a good sweat sesh in. This collection is our take on the little black dress for the actively inclined.


Fabric Choices

Evicii Athletica has sourced the best high-performance fabrics available to create premium athletic wear.  We didn’t stop at just finding the highest tech fabrics, we also wanted to find unique textures and materials to provide truly fashion forward active apparel.


Not all our pieces use the same fabrics, something to keep in mind when ordering from us.  We have picked fabrics that are squat proof and color fast. Because we hold our products to the highest standards, we sometimes could not use the same fabrics on all our designs as some colors are more see through (in certain fabrics) then others.


Quick Dry Technology

Our fabrics utilize quick dry technology to draw moisture away from your skin quickly.  The fabrics are all anti-bacterial using long lasting coatings that are safe and skin friendly to keep those workouts induced body odors at bay.


Evicii Athletica selected fabrics for performance, style and how soft and comfortable they are against your skin. Our goal is to create looks that you want to live in.

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